Wooden camera, precisely cut glass plates, custom-made film holders and a collection of esoteric and explosive chemicals – that is what I need first of all when shooting with collodion.

Then comes the fetishistic ceremony of “flowing the glass plate” where the desired composition will eventually appear. One of a kind, no reproduction, no retouching.

Unscrewing the collodion bottle and taking a lungful of fragrant heavy ether. The exotically tempting smell – the drug of choice for Rimbaud, Rossetti , Verlaine and Bulgakov.

The ceremony has begun and it's not just another snapshot. Be open and try to appreciate accidents on the way. Welcome ripply flaws caused by a breeze or a tiny mote of dust, a comet-like streak or the peeled-away emulsion  in the corners of a glass plate and you will be just fine.

“Pray for the angel of uncertainty and spirits of ether”

Freedom of expression, the ceremonial process and the final one-of-a-kind result – that is what truly fascinates me about this alternative photography process and that is what I want to share with the viewer.